Water is a vital resource for life on Earth, playing crucial roles in aspects such as sustaining life, thermal regulation, nutrient transport, support for aquatic ecosystems, food production, industry, and energy generation. It can be found in oceans, groundwater, rivers, lakes, the atmosphere, and ice forms. The importance of preserving water is related to preventing water resource scarcity, maintaining aquatic biodiversity, promoting human health, sustainability in agriculture, and preserving ecosystems. Awareness and sustainable practices are essential to ensure access to clean water in the future and the preservation of this fundamental resource.



Check out the video “The Importance of Water”:





• Are you and your family attentive and concerned about water wastage?

• What measures do you adopt in your home?






It is essential for those who need to transfer water from one place to another, whether due to flooding or to supply a house.

Ideal for use in artesian wells, basements, and other flooded areas, as well as elevated water tanks.






Build a water pump with the pieces from the WeDo 2.0 Technology Kit.

Click the button to download the file.





Watch the video and see how the water pump works:



Make the water pump work as shown in the video.

1. Create the programming as shown below.




2. Explain to the rest of the class how the water pump worked.




Answer the questions and share the answers with your classmates.

• Which part of the assembly did you find most difficult?

• If the sensor were removed, how would you program the pump to work?

After the construction, store all the materials used.