Cultural Diversity




Cultural diversity is when different cultures, with their traditions, languages, music, dances, and foods, live together. Learning about new cultures is very important and brings many benefits. Understanding other cultures helps us to better comprehend the world and respect differences. Different cultures bring new ideas and solutions to problems. Knowing and respecting other cultures helps make new friends and live in peace. Places with many different cultures attract visitors from all over the world, which is good for the economy. To learn about new cultures, we can travel, read books, watch movies, make friends with people from different cultures, use the internet, and watch TV shows. Cultural diversity teaches us to respect and value differences, making the world more friendly and just. Let’s take advantage of the opportunities to get to know and learn from the cultures around us!


Check out the video “Cultural diversity in communication”:



• What do you understand by cultural diversity?

• At your school, are there students from different ethnicities? Do they have the same customs as you?






The mechanical bull is an entertainment device found at parties and events, simulating the experience of riding a real bull in a safe manner. It consists of a padded base with a fake bull in the center, moved by motors controlled by an operator. Riding the mechanical bull is thrilling and challenging, providing fun and laughter, especially with the inevitable falls. It is a safe activity suitable for all ages and can promote friendly competition among participants. Besides being a visual attraction, the mechanical bull makes the party more lively and memorable.






Build the mechanical bull with the pieces from the LEGO® EDUCATION Simple and Powered Machines Technology Kit.

Click the button to download the file.






Watch the video to see how the mechanical bull works:





• Did you decorate your bull?

• Was any part of the construction more difficult?

• Did your crank turn the bull?