Nutrition Education




Adopting a healthy diet is essential for well-being, and the use of a mixer can be a valuable resource in this process. The convenience of this utensil makes it easier to prepare nutritious recipes, encouraging the consumption of fresh ingredients. In the school environment, introducing the use of the mixer not only demonstrates the importance of conscious food choices but also engages students interactively, promoting a deeper understanding of the relationship between ingredients and the nutritional quality of meals. Thus, the combination of healthy eating and the use of the mixer represents a practical and educational approach to promoting balanced food choices and overall well-being.


Watch the video “Healthy Eating for Kids”:





• Have you ever prepared any healthy food?

• What healthy food can’t be missing from your meal?






It is a domestic utensil, occasionally electric, widely used to mechanically beat ingredients of recipes or culinary mixtures.

The mixer, with its practicality and efficiency, makes the creation of healthy recipes more accessible. When preparing foods like fruit smoothies, wholemeal cake batters, or even vegetable purees, the mixer simplifies the process, encouraging the consumption of fresh and nutritious ingredients.




Build a mixer with the pieces from the Simple and Motorized Machines Technological Kit.

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Watch the video and see how the mixer works:






• Did you encounter any difficulties in construction?

• What part of the assembly did you find most interesting?