Traffic Education




Traffic education is essential to ensure safety and efficiency on public roads. It promotes responsible behavior among drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, reducing accidents and saving lives. Additionally, it facilitates harmonious coexistence, improves traffic flow, reduces costs related to repairs and healthcare, and encourages sustainability through the use of public and alternative transportation. The formation of conscious citizens and respect for traffic laws are fundamental for a safe and organized urban environment. Investing in educational programs and effective public policies is crucial to achieving these goals.


Watch the video “Traffic Signs and Rules”:




• Do you know some traffic rules? Which ones?

• Do you talk with your family to ensure everyone follows these laws?





The barrier is an access control device in places like condominiums and shopping malls, regulating the entry and exit of vehicles to ensure security and organization. It works through sensors that detect vehicles and identification methods such as proximity cards, biometrics, or intercoms. After authorization, the barrier opens automatically and closes after the vehicle passes. In addition to improving security with monitoring cameras, barriers organize vehicle flow, reduce waiting times, and record all accesses, facilitating site management.




Build a street barrier with the pieces from the LEGO® EDUCATION Simple and Motorized Machines Technology Kit.

Click the button to download the file.




Watch the video to see how the street barrier works:




• Did you encounter any difficulties during the assembly?

• Which part of the assembly did you find most interesting?