Traffic Education




Traffic education is like a manual that teaches us to be safe while we are on the street. It serves to protect us, teaching us important rules to avoid accidents. When we are in traffic, whether on foot, by bicycle, or by car, we must pay close attention. For example, looking both ways before crossing the street, respecting traffic lights and signs, and always wearing a seat belt in the car are some of the things we must do to ensure our safety and that of others. Additionally, we must be kind and courteous to other drivers and pedestrians, giving space and respecting each other’s rights. For instance, giving way to pedestrians at crosswalks and allowing cars to merge in traffic jams are actions that contribute to more harmonious traffic. Thus, by following the rules and being attentive, we can make the streets safer for everyone.

Watch the video “Road Safety video || Traffic Rules And Signs For Kids”:




• List some important rules to avoid accidents in traffic?

• Why is it important to wear a seat belt in the car?

• How can we be kind and courteous in traffic?






A car with a sensor is a type of car that has special devices called sensors. These sensors can help in various ways. They can help the driver park the car more easily by detecting obstacles around the car, preventing bumps and scratches. Additionally, sensors can alert the driver if they are too close to another car or object, helping to avoid accidents. Some cars with sensors also have systems that warn the driver if they are drifting out of their lane, helping to keep the car on track. In summary, a car with a sensor helps make driving safer and easier by alerting the driver to potential dangers around the vehicle.




Build a car with a sensor using the LEGO® EDUCATION WeDo 2.0 Technology Kit.

Click the button to download the file.




Watch the video and see how the car with a sensor works:



Make the car with the sensor move as shown in the video.

1. Create the program as shown below:

2. Explain to the rest of the class how the car with the sensor worked.




Answer the questions and share your responses with your classmates.

What was the sensor used for in the assembly?

The car has a part that allows the rear to move from side to side; what part was used?

After the construction, store all the materials used.