History of Inventions




Inventions throughout history have revolutionized our way of living, making various everyday activities easier. From the wheel to the internet, these creations provide efficiency, comfort, communication, health, and education. Industrial machines, telephones, antibiotics, and books are examples of innovations that make our lives more practical and connected. These inventions contribute to increasing our productivity, improving our well-being, and promoting the exchange of knowledge, making the world more accessible and interconnected.


Watch the video “How to Make a Mini Catapult”:





• What inventions do you know that you believe make your family’s daily life easier?

• Have you ever seen a catapult up close? Where?








The catapult is an ancient war machine used to launch heavy objects, such as stones or projectiles, towards distant targets. It works by accumulating potential energy in a tensioned structure, releasing it to launch the projectile. It was primarily used in ancient battles, such as sieges of fortresses and naval attacks, allowing armies to attack from a distance, overcoming enemy defenses.





Build a catapult with the pieces from the LEGO® EDUCATION Simple and Powered Machines Technology Kit.

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Watch the video to see how the catapult works:






• Was it difficult to attach the rubber bands?

• Did the built catapult throw the object far?