History of Inventions



Stories and inventions are like pieces of a puzzle that help us understand the world around us. Stories tell us about the past, people, and places, while inventions show us how human creativity can transform our lives. Since ancient times, people have been telling stories to share knowledge, values, and dreams. These stories teach us important lessons and connect us with other cultures and times. On the other hand, inventions are products of human imagination and necessity. From the wheel to the internet, inventions have the power to change the world and make life easier and more interesting. Together, stories and inventions show us the power of human imagination and creativity, inspiring us to dream and do incredible things.

Watch the video “Top 10 Inventions in Human History”:





• Do you know the name of a famous invention?

• What is the relationship between stories and important lessons?









In the times of castles and dragons, medieval knights were the fearless heroes who protected kingdoms and fought for honor and justice. Mounted on their powerful horses, they wore shining armor and wielded sharp swords.

Medieval knights were trained from a young age in combat skills and chivalry. They followed a code of conduct called chivalry, which emphasized values such as courage, loyalty, courtesy, and generosity.

In epic battles, knights faced formidable enemies, such as barbarians, enemy soldiers, and even legendary dragons. Their armor protected their bodies while their lances and swords cut through the air with skill and precision.

Besides being brave warriors, knights were also known for their good manners and for defending the weak and oppressed. They often participated in jousting tournaments and festivals, showcasing their prowess and bravery before admiring crowds.

Even today, medieval knights continue to inspire stories, movies, and legends, reminding us of an era of courage, honor, and adventure.









Build a medieval knight with pieces from the LEGO EDUCATION WeDo 2.0 Technology Kit.

Click the button to download the file.




Watch the video to see how the medieval knight works:


Make the medieval knight move as shown in the video.

1. Create the programming as shown below:





2. Explain to the rest of the class how the medieval knight worked.


With the prototype in hand, share with the class and answer the questions:

Remove the yellow elastic from the assembly and explain what happens.

Which sensor is used in the assembly?


Afterward, store all the materials used.