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Mathematics is like a big game of numbers and shapes. It helps us count, measure, and understand the world around us. With mathematics, we can solve problems, figure out how many things we have, and even understand how things work. It’s very useful and fun, and we use it in many parts of our day, like when we’re at school, shopping, or playing with friends.

Mathematics is essential and present in almost every area of life. It facilitates the advancement of knowledge and technology, and also empowers people to handle everyday and professional challenges efficiently.



Check out the video “Move and Add, Add and Move”:



•Do you like Mathematics?

•How does Mathematics become useful in your daily life?

•Can you do mental calculations?







It is an instrument used to measure the distances traveled, and is quite common in automobiles. They are usually indicated on the car’s display or dashboard, with the word “ODO” to signify the total distance and “DST” to show the partial distance.





Build a prototype of an odometer using pieces from the LEGO® EDUCATION Technology Kit – Simple Machines.

Click the button to download the file.





Have you ever seen an odometer? How does it work?

What is the function of the crank in the assembly?

Two types of gears were used in the assembly. Were you able to identify them?