Environment and Sustainability




The negative impacts that man causes on nature are increasingly evident. Pollution, destruction of habitats, accumulation of solid waste and rapid decline in biodiversity are just some of the examples of environmental problems generated by human action today.

Sustainability can also be used in conjunction with the word development and, in this case, refer to ways to avoid the depletion of our natural resources and manage to meet the needs of the current population.

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•How important is the environment to our life?

•What do you understand by sustainability?

•What can you do to collaborate with environmental preservation?





It is a device that uses the energy of the winds to produce work. Some people call pinwheels, the simple indicators of wind direction, like arrows that rotate about a vertical axis. However, the name is commonly associated with the use of wind energy in more ingenious applications, such as milling, pumping water, or more modernly, to generate electricity, such as wind turbines.

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Build a weather vane using the LEGO® EDUCATION Simple Machines Technology Kit 9656 pieces.

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What are the advantages of using wind energy?

Did you experience difficulty in any part of the assembly?

What part of the montage did you find most interesting?