UNESCO – Indigenous Languages



The International Year of Indigenous Languages is being celebrated by UNESCO in 2019, contributing to raising awareness of the need to preserve, revitalize, and promote indigenous languages ​​around the world. Currently, there are approximately 6 to 7 thousand indigenous languages ​​in the world.

The vast majority of these languages, mainly spoken by indigenous peoples, will continue to disappear, so this measure was taken to preserve history, traditions, and memory.


Check out the video about indigenous languages:


• Have you ever heard any indigenous words?

• Do you know anything about indigenous culture?

• Do you know any utensil used by indigenous peoples?





The hammock, hanging bed, or hammock is a domestic utensil of Amerindian origin, originally made with vines and lianas. It consists of a kind of fabric with straps.

During Colonial Brazil, it was widely used for sleeping, burying the dead in rural areas, and as a means of transportation, where slaves carried settlers on city tours and even on trips.




Build a prototype of a hanging bed with the parts from the LEGO® EDUCATION – Simple and Motorized Machines 9686 Technological Kit.

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Watch the video and see how the hanging bed works:



Did you know how indigenous people sleep?

What is the origin of the hanging bed?

What was the most complex part of the assembly?