We need water to carry out various day-to-day tasks, such as: preparing meals, taking care of personal and domestic hygiene, fishing, using it for transportation, producing electricity, using it for irrigation, hydration, etc.

These activities can only be carried out with fresh water, which is found on the continents and is distributed in rivers, lakes, underground layers of the soil or in glaciers.


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• Where does the water come from?

• What care should be taken to avoid waste and reduce water consumption?

• How important is water in our lives?




It is a machine that harnesses the energy of water. It has several blades that rotate when water passes through them.

These blades are attached around a wheel, which is attached to a rotating shaft, which supplies power to the water pump mechanism.

The shaft can also power a machine called a generator, which produces electrical power.







Build a water mill with parts from the Technological Kit Simple and Motorized Machines 9686.

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• Do you save water when carrying out daily actions?

• Do you think fresh water is running out?

• Why can’t we survive more than a few days without water?