Fundamental 2


CONNECT Taking care of the environment and practicing sustainability are essential to ensure a healthy future for our planet. We must use natural resources consciously, recycle and reuse materials, and invest in renewable energy sources. Preserving biodiversity and protecting ecosystems are fundamental measures to maintain environmental balance. Education and awareness are important to promote sustainable […]

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Life on the Planet

CONNECT Life on the planet is related to biodiversity, which is the variety of life on Earth, composed of living beings and encompasses everything from microscopic viruses to the largest animals on the planet. Preserving the environment is an important act not only for humanity but for all beings that inhabit the Earth. After all,

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Nutrition Education

CONNECT   Human beings need a good daily diet to maintain energy and focus in all activities carried out in their routine, ensuring improvements in their quality of life and preventing diseases. With the help of the right foods, we are able to enhance our abilities and perform any type of function more easily. A

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The Great Artists

CONNECT   An artist is someone who engages in activities related to the arts. Traditionally, the concept of art encompasses a series of creations known as the classical arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, music, architecture, and cinema). However, evaluating someone as an artist is not limited to a series of specific works or creations. Artists

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CONNECT Vacations are essential for people’s well-being. They help reduce stress and allow the body and mind to recover, improving physical and mental health. During vacations, people can relax, which increases productivity when they return to activities. Additionally, spending time with family and friends strengthens relationships, and new experiences can stimulate creativity. Vacations also offer

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CONNECT Christmas is a celebration filled with meaning and importance for many people around the world. Originally, Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, a central event for Christians, symbolizing hope, love, and salvation. However, over the years, Christmas has become more than a religious festivity; it has become a universal period of unity, generosity,

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CONNECT   The seabed is a mysterious and unexplored environment, home to various unique ecosystems and organisms adapted to extreme conditions such as high pressures and total darkness. Sea turtles, which migrate between feeding and nesting areas, play a crucial role in marine ecosystems, despite not living in the depths. Submarines and submersibles are essential

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Means of transport

CONNECT Transportation means are designed for the movement of people or goods and can be terrestrial, riverine, or aerial. They represent different ways of getting around: bicycles, trains, buses, boats, among others. The evolution of transportation has been crucial for the development of civilization, bringing numerous economic, social, and environmental benefits. Continuous innovation in this

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Travel to the World

CONNECT   Traveling the world is an enriching journey that allows us to explore a multitude of cultures, traditions, and landscapes. One of the most fascinating parts of traveling is the opportunity to learn about different cultures, from their customs and cuisine to their beliefs and values. While traveling the world, we can visit a

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