Sport and Health




Modern man has been neglecting sports practices, which often leads to a sedentary lifestyle and causes disorders such as poor diet, obesity, smoking, stress, coronary diseases, etc.

In response to this attitude, sports science has been developing studies and demonstrating the importance of regularly practicing a well-planned physical activity for people to have a healthier life.

Among the benefits of physical activity are: increased self-esteem, concentration, and memory; reduction of cholesterol levels; delayed aging; improvement in sleep quality, among others.



Watch the video “Sport For Health: Talking mental health”:




• Does practicing physical activity benefit health?

• Can anyone practice physical activity or a sport on their own?

• Do you practice or would you like to practice any sport? Which one?


Build the suggested prototype, using the pieces from the structural robotics technology kit in a team, executing the steps.






Do you know any athletes? What about Paralympic athletes?

Did you encounter any difficulties during the assembly? Which part?

Did you manage to complete the assembly? Which part did you find most interesting?