Fundamental 1

Sport and Health

CONNECT   Modern man has been neglecting sports practices, which often leads to a sedentary lifestyle and causes disorders such as poor diet, obesity, smoking, stress, coronary diseases, etc. In response to this attitude, sports science has been developing studies and demonstrating the importance of regularly practicing a well-planned physical activity for people to have […]

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Means of Transport

CONNECT Means of transportation allow the movement of people and goods from one place to another, facilitating access to essential services such as education, health, and employment. This increases social and economic mobility, connecting regions and promoting social integration.   Efficient transportation improves quality of life by reducing travel time, increasing accessibility to services, and

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CONNECT Holidays are an essential period for development and well-being. They offer a necessary break from the school routine and provide various opportunities for physical, emotional, and social growth. In Brazil, school holidays are considered during the months of January, July, and December. Some schools and universities also include part of February. It’s a time

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CONNECT It is a commemorative date that symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration takes place on December 25th. Christmas refers to the birth or the place where someone was born. It is a religious holiday celebrated worldwide. It is characterized by a grand feast, a time of excitement for all children, to gather

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CONNECT The seabed is one of the most mysterious and unexplored places on Earth. It is very important and beautiful in various ways, including ecological, scientific, and aesthetic aspects. Life on the seabed is diverse. It ranges from creatures that glow in the dark to magnificent and mysterious giants like colossal squids and whales; marine

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Travel to the World

CONNECT Traveling the world is a transformative experience that significantly contributes to personal, cultural, and intellectual growth. By exploring new places and cultures, people not only enrich their own lives but also promote peace, creating a more connected and empathetic world.   It is the act of going from one place to another, usually using

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Toys and Games

CONNECT     Toys and games are fundamental for the growth and development of children. They not only provide fun but are also essential tools for learning and holistic development. Through play, children explore the world, learn new skills, and build social and emotional relationships that will be important throughout their lives. Toys stimulate critical

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Cultural Diversity

CONNECT   Cultural diversity refers to the different customs of a society, among which we can mention: clothing, cuisine, religious manifestations, traditions, and also the differences in languages, customs, accessories, utensils, lifestyles, values, and forms of artistic expression. The main propagators of Brazilian culture are the European colonizers, the indigenous population, and African slaves. Later,

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CONECTAR   A acessibilidade é essencial para criar uma sociedade onde todos sejam incluídos, permitindo que todas as pessoas, independentemente de suas capacidades, possam acessar e usar espaços, produtos e serviços. Ela promove a inclusão social, oferece oportunidades iguais, melhora a qualidade de vida e traz benefícios econômicos, além de ser um direito humano básico.

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CONECTAR As férias são um período essencial para o desenvolvimento e o nosso bem-estar. Elas oferecem uma pausa necessária da rotina escolar e proporcionam várias oportunidades de crescimento físico, emocional e social. No Brasil, consideram-se como meses de férias escolares: janeiro, julho e dezembro. Algumas escolas e universidades também consideram parte de fevereiro. É um

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