It is a commemorative date that symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration takes place on December 25th.

Christmas refers to the birth or the place where someone was born. It is a religious holiday celebrated worldwide.

It is characterized by a grand feast, a time of excitement for all children, to gather the family, experience the Christmas spirit, celebrate, share moments, and eagerly await Santa Claus.

Christmas celebrations include the presence of various traditional symbols such as: Christmas dinner, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, music, exchanging gifts, the Nativity scene, lighting, and other Christmas decorations.


Watch the video “What is Christmas?”:



• What do you like most about Christmas?

• Does your family have the tradition of celebrating Christmas? Where and with whom do you spend Christmas?

• Do you participate in any solidarity campaigns, especially during Christmas time?





Build the suggested prototype with the pieces from the structural robotics technology kit as a team, following the steps.






At this moment, ask the questions related to construction, as indicated in the plan.