Environment and Sustainability 2




The environment is our home on Earth, composed of everything around us, such as air, water, plants, animals, and soil. Taking care of the environment means protecting living beings, avoiding pollution, and using natural resources sustainably.

Small actions, such as recycling, saving water and energy, and respecting nature, are essential for preserving the environment for future generations. For example, we can help recycle household waste, turn off lights when not in use, and use less water when brushing our teeth.


Watch the video about the Environment / Sustainability:

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clique na opção Legendas e selecione Inglês.


• What does it mean to use natural resources sustainably?

• What actions do you take to preserve the environment?




Build the suggested prototype, using the pieces from the structural robotics technology kit in a team, executing the steps.







What do you think of the prototype built?

Which part of the assembly did you find the easiest?

Which piece of the assembly did you find difficult to fit together?