Amusement park



Amusement parks hold great importance for society. They provide a space where we can have fun and relax. They offer a wide range of attractions for all ages, allowing friends and family to spend time together in a joyful and stimulating environment.
Some parks have educational and interactive attractions that teach science, technology, and history in an engaging way and promote learning through exhibitions and activities that spark curiosity and interest in different areas of knowledge.
Many amusement parks have a rich history and tradition, being important cultural landmarks in their communities.


Watch the video “Top 5 MOST INSANE BANNED Roller Coasters YOU CAN’T GO ON ANYMORE!”.



•Which parks have you visited?

•What is your favorite ride in an amusement park?

•Is there any ride in the amusement park that you have never been on? Which one?





Build the suggested prototype, with the pieces from the structural robotics technology kit in a team, following the steps.






At this moment, ask the questions related to the construction, indicated in the planning.