Little Artists




Art is the act of making, producing, or creating something. It is a way for humans to express their emotions, history, and culture through aesthetic values such as beauty, harmony, and balance.

It can be represented in various forms, especially in music, sculpture, painting, cinema, dance, among others.

After its emergence thousands of years ago, art has been evolving and occupying an important space in our society.



Watch the video “Clemente and the History of Art”:

Professor: ao acessar o vídeo, acione no canto inferior direito o botão configurações
clique na opção Legendas e selecione Inglês.


• What type of art do you like the most: painting, music, dance, theater, sculpture, photography, among others?

• Is art already part of your routine?

• Do you like sculptures? Have you ever created one?






Build the suggested prototype with the structural robotics kit pieces as a team, following the steps.






Now ask the questions related to the construction, as indicated in the plan.