The Great Artists




An artist is someone who engages in activities related to the arts. Traditionally, the concept of art encompasses a series of creations known as the classical arts (painting, sculpture, literature, dance, music, architecture, and cinema). However, evaluating someone as an artist is not limited to a series of specific works or creations.

Artists have a special sensitivity to create a work or activity. There is no specific classification of the activities proper to an artist. They can be found in the world of circus, shows, photography, fashion, and others. Regardless, the concept of an artist involves knowledge of a technique and, at the same time, it is a work that can be professional or not necessarily so.


Watch the video “Who decides what art means?”:


• Which artists do you know and what type of art do they create?

• Do you like cinema or theater?

• What is the most well-known type of art?





Build the suggested prototype with the pieces from the structural robotics technology kit as a team, following the steps.








At this point, ask questions related to the construction as indicated in the planning.